Suites and Apartments

All Professional Trades Services Inc. is capable of full suite turnarounds, supporting a full range of suite services from repairs and painting, to small-scale flips and major damage. The results are quick, effective, and timeless to adhere to the principles of the industry demands while providing lasting value.

Our high agility approach means we can begin as soon as the next day following a request – using the available ‘notice of vacancy’ period to design and approve the project, it only takes 30 days following vacancy to complete the transformation.

Call us today at 1877.345.5351 to talk to one of our Project Managers about your suite or apartment project.

Our Suite renovation program gives us the unique benefit of providing our core clients professional, high-quality services on a personal level. Through the company’s core values of transparency, integrity, dedication and partnership, we have become a True Leader in providing comprehensive Suite Renovation Turn overs.

Our program allows us to bridge the gap between our Property management clients being able to offer premium Suite rentals with those Residents looking to find that perfect space for themselves and their families to call home.

Our one stop Suite Renovation Team gives us a tremendous competitive advantage.

Our unique position also allows our Project Team to provide renovation, design and technical support firsthand throughout the process to keep projects streamlined and efficient.